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Waste and RecyclingWaste and Recycling

Recycle Stations

●Izumo Area

(Collected items: Used paper)

Recycle Centers are closed on national holidays and during the New Year’s holidays.
You may use any recycle center regardless of the area where you live.

Service Days

Collection Times

Service Locations

Every Tuesday


Takamatsu Community Center

Matsuyori Shimo-chō 703-1

Jinzai Fureai Hall

Jinzai Oki-chō 477-2

Nagahama Community Center

Nagahama-chō 514-11

Enya Community Center

Enya-chō 803-2

Asayama Community Center

Tokorobara-chō 185

Kamitsu Community Center

Kamishima-chō 1031

Good Day Hokubu-ten Parking Lot

Ōtsu Asakura 1-6-6

Marusan Eki-Nan-ten Parking Lot No. 2

Enya-chō 1300-5

Every Wednesday


Enya Arihara Kan’i Post Office North Side Parking Lot

Enya Arihara-chō 1-33-2

Kawato Community Center

Ogitochi-chō 211

Tobisu Community Center

Higashi Hayashigi-chō 890-4

Shinmon District Flood Prevention Warehouse

Shimo Koshi-chō 900-2

Kando Community Center

Chiimiya-chō 801-1

Imaichi No. 1 Fire Station Community Center (Side)

Imaichi-chō 1213

Every Thursday


JA Nenryō Center

Takamatsu-chō 675-1

JA Takahama Branch

Hirano-chō 99

Izumo Kaikan Center Bowl West Side

Watarihashi-chō 112

Marusan Yano Gas Station

Oyama-chō 552

Yotsugane Community Center

Oyama-chō 650-21

Izumo Gymnasium West Side

Imaichi-chō 1-6

Izumo Science Center West Side Warehouse(Along Imaichi Road No. 126)

Imaichi-chō 1900-2

Ōtsu Community Center Parking Lot

Ōtsu -chō 1683

Good Day Idai Tōri-ten Parking Lot

Enya-chō 2125-1


You Me Town Izumo Parking Lot No. 5

Ōtsuka-chō 650-1


Home Center San’ai Parking Lot

Jinzai Oki-chō 1443-2

1st and 3rd Saturday and Sunday of each month


Izumo Gymnasium West Side

Imaichi-chō 1-6

●Hikawa Area

(Collected items: Used paper, used cloth & fabric)

Items will not be collected on national holidays or during the New Year’s holiday period.
Each recycle station may be used by residents from any district.

Service Days

Collection Times

Service Locations

Every Saturday and Sunday


Izumo City Hall, Hikawa Branch Office

Hikawa-chō Shōbara 2172

Shōbara Community Center

Hikawa-chō Shōbara 3835

Agu Community Center

Hikawa-chō Agu 2323-2

Shussai Community Center

Hikawa-chō Gui 965

Iwano Community Center

Hikawa-chō Tobimura 748

Naoe Community Center

Hikawa-chō Naoe 4865-1

Hisagi Community Center

Hikawa-chō Fukudomi 2-13

Shuttō Community Center

Hikawa-chō Sanbu-ichi 2060-1

●Taisha Area

(Collected items: Used paper, empty cans, glass bottles, PET bottles)

Collection Times: 7:30–12:00

When throwing out empty cans, glass bottles, and PET bottles, please separate and place them into the designated bags.
Each recycle station may be used by residents from any district.

Used Paper

Empty Cans

Empty Cans & PET Bottles

Service Locations

1st and 3rd Thursday of each month

2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month

1st Monday of each month

Taisha Community Center

Taisha-chō Kizukiminami 1051-1


1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month



1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month



2nd Monday of each month

Araki Community Center

Taisha-chō Kita-Araki 389-2

Hinomisaki Community Center

Taisha-chō Uryū 338-3

●Taki & Koryō Districts

(Collected items: Used paper)

Collection Times: 8:30–17:00

Each recycle station may be used by residents from any district.

Service Days

Service Locations

Service Locations

1st Friday of each month

Taki (Oda, Kumura)

Izumo City Hall, Taki Branch Office

Taki-chō Oda 74-1

1st Sunday of each month


Izumo City Hall, Koryō Branch Office

Koryō-chō Nibu 1320

  • Recycle stations may change on certain occasions. If you are unsure of a particular location, please contact us.(Izumo Kankyō Seisaku-ka Phone: 0853-21-6988)

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