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Information on COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)

The Izumo City homepage provides information for foreign residents who want to consult about COVID-19 (novel coronavirus). The page is displayed in Simple Japanese (Yasashii Nihongo), but has links to information translated into Portuguese, English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, and Russian.

Here is a direct link to the information in English: Regarding the new strain of Coronavirus (PDF).

The Izumo City homepage also links to a website that gives information on COVID-19 in various languages.

Illnesses Common in Summer: Heat Stroke and Food Poisoning

Preventing Heat Stroke 

Symptoms of illnesses common in the summer are shown below together with prevention measures. Please practice health management to enjoy your summer.

・Food poisoning: fever, vomiting, stomachache are common symptoms. Prevention:

1. Eat food soon after it has been prepared.

2. Cook meat and fish thoroughly.

3. Please keep cooking utensils including cutting board, knives, and towels clean.

Preventing the Flu

Preventing the Flu (PDF)

Preventing Rubella

Be careful of Rubella! (PDF)

Hospital Hours During the New Year Holidays

Hospitals in Izumo are closed from December 31 to January 3.

Please use the Izumo Holiday and Night Clinic (kyūjitsu yakan shinryōsho) during these dates (see information above).

Address: Izumo-shi Enya Zenkō-chō 1 (Map)

Phone: 0853-22-5543

Departments: Internal medicine, pediatrics


AMDA International Medical Information Center

AMDA International Medical Information Center

Multilingual Medical Questionnaire

Multilingual Medical Questionnaire (English)

Multilingual Medical Questionnaire (18 other languages)