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Call 119 in an Emergency

Interpreters are available for English, Chinese, Korean, and Portuguese. Dial 119 and stay on the line.

Call 119 in case of a fire of medical emergency. Available 24 hours a year, 365 days a year, in 4 languages.

Guide for Ambulance Services


Guide for Ambulance Services

Preparing for Tsunami

Preparing for Tsunami (PDF)

Evacuation Sites

If a natural disaster occurs in Izumo, shelters and evacuation sites will be open to the public once they are confirmed safe for use.

Designated evacuation sites will be announced by the city.

Please be sure to check the names and locations of evacuation sites near your home.

Overview of Evacuation Sites

Map of Evacuation Sites 

Map of Evacuation Sites (JPN)


Preventing Landslides

Preventing Landslides (PDF)

Disaster Handbook for Foreign Residents

Disaster Handbook for Foreign Residents (English)

Download the handbook in other languages here (Simple Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Tagalog, Vietnamese).

Nuclear Disaster Prevention

Nuclear Disaster Prevention

Beware of PM 2.5

Beware of PM 2.5

Evacuation Information and Actions to Take

Natural Disaster Card

Emergency Card

Make Sure Your Pipes Don’t Freeze!

Walking on Snow & Ice

Clearing Snow off the Streets