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Shimane Prefecture Parenting Passport, “Coccolo”

Cities, towns and villages is Shimane offer a Parenting Passport to show their warm support to parents. There are many places where you can get support services by showing your Coccolo Passport! You can have your passport issued at the service counters listed below.

Applicable Persons

・Those who are pregnant or have children under 18 years old.

Application Method

・Apply at the Child Policies Division service counter (1st floor of Izumo City Hall).
・We will verify the children in your household using the basic residential register, and issue your Coccolo Passport. For expecting households, your Coccolo Passport will be issued after your Mother and Child Health Handbook (boshi techо̄) has been verified.
・If you do not live with the child, you will also need to provide documentation proving your relationship with and responsibility for the child, such as a health insurance card.

Change to a Nationwide Parenting Passport

Starting in April 2016, a Nationwide Parenting Passport has been made available. If you want to use your Parenting Pass all around the nation, you will need to change into the new passport.

【New Card】

←The new card will feature this mark.

How to Claim Your New Card

  • Please hand your old card to the staff at Izumo City Hall or one of the administrative centers mentioned below.
  • You will be asked to fill out an application for a new card (kirikae shinseisho).
  • You will then receive your new card.

Where to Apply for a New Card

  • City Hall・・・・・Child Policies Division (Kodomo Seisaku-ka)
  • Hirata・Hikawa Administrative Centers・・・・・Citizens' Welfare Division (Shimin Fukushi-ka)
  • Sada・Taki・Koryo・Taisha Administrative Centers・・・・・Citizens' Service Division (Shimin Sābisu-ka)

Stores where you can use the Shimane Prefecture Parenting Passport

Look up services available with Coccolo on the official website:
Coccolo Passport

Participating stores will have stickers with a picture of the Coccolo passport at the register or near the store entrance.

Coccolo: For households with children

Coccolo: For expecting households

You can use the Coccolo passport at non-participating stores that have the following logo stickers as well.

5 Prefecture Chugoku Region Cooperation Participating Store

National Development Participating Store

The "Coccolo" App

Starting from April 1, 2021, you can use the Shimane Prefecture Parenting Passport on a smartphone or other device with the "Coccolo" app.

What has changed with the app:
1. Until the app was created, only one card was issued per household. With the creation of the app, in addition to the one plastic card, two smartphones can be registered per household. Now, three people per household can use the Shimane Prefecture Parenting Passport services.
2. The app also includes shop information, allowing you to search easily for stores that take the Shimane Prefecture Parenting Passport, and to find baby care rooms.

Download the app using the QR codes on the website below.
Shimane Prefecture homepage

Practical Parenting Handbook